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The advantages of carpets laid over hardwood and ceramic tile floors are well known. Less well-known are the benefits of placing carpets from wall to wall. When placed on a carpet from wall to wall, they provide the versatility of placement, added protection, create a warm feeling, and provide many opportunities to liven- up a relatively boring living room.

Disadvantages of full-area carpets

Wall-to-wall carpeting is still very popular. Disadvantages are:

  • Relatively monotonous floor covering, limited color palette, and limited richness of patterns.
  • It is difficult to clean a large carpet and it is impossible for a carpet cleaner to remove it.
  • A small damaged area should replace with the entire carpet, patch, or hide the damaged area.
  • Lack of versatility, it is not possible to move the carpet

While carpets are trendy and cost-effective for offices, hotels, and high floors, many homeowners prefer hardwood, ceramic and hard stone tiles. These floors, if well decorated, can look nicer at home, are more functional, and are easier to clean.


Obviously, it is easier to move carpets than to suffer the pain of changing carpets from wall to wall. The carpet can be placed on dirty or defective parts of the carpet from wall to wall, thus saving the costs associated with replacing the carpet. Decorative rugs can be cleverly used to highlight the center of the room, harmonize the look of the room, and divide the room to look at different available areas.


Area rugs provide direct contact with the human senses. Carpets in this area are very visible and easily attract visual attention. Floor mats provide a unique warmth and a soft feel to the touch. Floor mats dampen noise and improve room acoustics.

  • The floor carpet will attract the viewer’s attention in the desired direction
  • Extra safety for children who play on it or walk on it if there is a carpet under it
  • Area rugs provide good acoustic cushioning

Improved protection

Flat carpets protect valuables from damage in the event of an accidental fall. The surface carpet protects the carpet itself from fluid leaks and stains. Professional surface carpet cleaning is easier and cheaper than professional wall-to-wall carpet cleaning.

Style and beauty

Carpets can add beauty and elegance to any room. Decorative rugs are compatible with any room look and focus on selected areas with color and durability. Floor mats add a feeling of warmth to otherwise freezing rooms.

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