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Filthy couches are unsightly and can leave a bad impression alongside damaging your reputation. However, using a filthy couch can harm your health.

Deep cleaning couches at home can be a tiring task for homeowners. And that is the reason why you should know about the tips and tricks for couch cleaning Melbourne so your couches can remain shiny for a longer span.

Below we have mentioned a few tips for keeping your couches fresh and clean for a lot longer!

Vacuum Regularly

Vacuuming your couches every other day can make a significant impact on the looks of your couches. With regular vacuuming, your couches remain dust-free and healthy.

With the elimination of detrimental allergens and soil particles, your couches continue looking fresh and clean for a long time. Therefore, if you want to keep your living room welcoming all year long, make sure you vacuum your upholstered furniture regularly using a HEPA filter attachment.

Use Conditioning Agents and Fabric Protectors

With continuous usage and time, the fabric of the couches starts looking dull. For a better-looking couch at home, upholstery cleaning Melbourne experts recommend using conditioning agents and fabric protectors on the couches.

For keeping the leather couches elegant and shiny, use leather conditioners and apply them once every 1-2 months. In case you own a fabric sofa, consider using a fabric conditioning agent. These solvents are effective in rejuvenating your dull-looking couches!

Keep Stain Protectors Handy

Stains can happen anytime and anywhere. However, what’s important is keeping your valuable couches safe and stain-free despite knowing that stains are inevitable.

Handling fresh stains is easier than old ones. That is why you need to act quickly when spill accidents ruin your couches. Keep stain protectors and store-bought couch cleaners handy.

Be careful and gentle when handling couch stains and avoid applying pressure when blotting as it sends the liquid deeper.

Use Lint Roller

If you have pets at home, then spotting hair all over the couches isn’t new for you. Here, if you want your sofas to look and feel fresh, make sure you use a lint roller and run it all across your couches at least once a week.

Use Slip Covers

Slipcovers are one of the best ways of keeping your couches safe and protected for a long time. These covers act as a protective layer and take the first hit so your couches inside remain stain-free and dirt-free!

Final Words

These are a few tips you should follow and keep your couches stain-free and clean for a long time! Consider hiring professionals for routine couch cleaning Melbourne and give your sofas the cleaning they deserve!

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