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If you’ve been thinking about remodelling your home or are planning to design a new one—now’s a great time. Minimalism is all the rage these days, making the home designing process much easier and sometimes even pocket friendly.Being the most common design theme in Singapore, an article by Beautiful Home shows that many homes can also be designed uniquely with a twist of a minimalist design style.

From exterior elements like sleek steel entry doors and minimalistic-looking bi-fold patio doors to simpler interiors, there are a lot of ways to design a house with understated elegance.

Here are some ideas to get you started on the mood board for your minimalist home.

Set the Tone with A Minimalist but Modern Front Door

Ideally, when designing a home or any other space, it’s essential to have some connectivity between the exterior and interior. There should be a similar theme or at least the semblance of one.

So, in this case, when you’re designing a minimalist home, you need to set the tone for the interior space from the entry door itself. It’s typically one of the first things people notice when they visit your home, so it needs to make a good impression.

We suggest you ditch all kinds of bulky wooden doors for your minimalist home and instead go for glass front doors in iron or steel. They’d look chic, but they won’t look too much.

Start with A Simple Color Palette

Another thing we highly recommend for both the interior and exterior is a neutral color palette. When you’re doing a minimalistic makeover, the minimalism principle applies to everything; this means limiting yourself to a few colors that work as neutrals.

So, we suggest creating the base with simple white or cream tones for the walls and flooring. Then work in some greys and blacks through windows and doors. You can install black interior doors in steel along with steel windows.

Knock Down Some Walls

Another critical principle of minimalism is decluttering. Typically, this would mean getting rid of belongings in your closets and drawers that no longer spark joy. However, when designing a home, this means getting rid of entire elements that don’t spark joy—like unnecessary interior walls!

So, for instance, if the wall between your dining area and kitchen or the living room isn’t serving any real purpose—knock it down. And instead of the wall, consider installing bi-folding doors or room dividers instead. They’d open up your interiors, making them look clutter-free and modern.

Avoid Prints, Go for Solids

As we mentioned earlier, the principles of minimalism need to be reflected in all of your choices—this includes the fabrics you choose for your sofas to the curtains you hang over your minimalist steel windows.

If you’re unsure what looks minimalistic and what doesn’t, we suggest sticking to solids and staying away from any prints. If you want prints anyway, try to avoid florals and choose abstract or geometric designs, but make sure they’re not too loud or busy.

Incorporate Clean, Even Lines

Technically, there’s no rule against curves in minimalist designs—curves can help to soften up a space, but we personally suggest going with clean, even lines.

This means choosing sofas with straight edges, picking out interior doors with flat tops, and no arched steel windows either.

Make Sure There’s Lots of Light

Minimalism is very closely connected to nature and natural elements. So, ideally, your prime source of light in a minimalist house should be large steel windows and exterior doors with glass. These will help bring in plenty of sunlight during the day so that you won’t need as much artificial lighting.

As a general rule of thumb, try and ensure there’s at least one window in every room; this is especially important for smaller spaces like bathrooms. Also, install exterior steel doors with glass wherever possible.

Consider Your Storage

If you’re designing a minimalist home, it makes sense to transform your lifestyle slightly as well to make it more minimalistic. If you’re a hoarder like us and think that might be hard for you, we have a great tip.

We suggest installing interior glass doors with crystal clear glass for all your storage spaces. You’d be forced to organize and declutter when you have your storage on full display like this. Install a glass pantry door right now and start making up your mind about eventually switching to transparent closet doors.

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