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In the heart of Mississauga, a new residential gem is set to rise – Above Condos. Offering a contemporary urban lifestyle, this development promises an array of exclusive benefits for early birds. Let’s dive into what makes this project stand out and why you should consider being a part of it.

1. Introduction

Mississauga is on the brink of a population surge, and with it comes a heightened demand for real estate. Above Condos, situated at 30 Bristol Rd E, is set to meet this demand with its contemporary design and premium features.

2. VIP Access & Exclusive Benefits

Enrolling now for VIP access not only provides you with exclusive pricing and floor plans but also comes with perks like restricted development levies, property oversight, and complimentary legal examination of your purchase agreement.

3. Residences Overview

Explore the diverse layouts, from studio to two-bedroom residences. Developed by Marlin Spring & RioCan Living, Above Condos consists of Tower A (24 stories) and Tower B (17 stories), totaling 579 units.

4. Location, Location, Location!

Situated strategically at 30 Bristol Rd E, Above Condos is well-connected with seven major expressways, MiWay Transit, and GO Transit. Enjoy proximity to Square One Shopping Centre, Celebration Square, Sheridan College, and more.

5. Connectivity & Transit Options

Mississauga boasts excellent connectivity with major expressways and upcoming transit systems, ensuring swift access to key destinations. Register today to be part of this accessible urban hub.

6. Population & Employment Growth

With the population expected to reach nearly 1 million and employment numbers rising, Mississauga becomes a hub for living, working, and recreation. This growth will inevitably impact real estate values and rental tariffs.

7. Above Condos Facilities

Discover the innovative design of Above Condos, featuring dual towers connected by a 6-storey base. Enjoy ground floor commercial spaces, offering shops, eateries, patios, and more – creating a vibrant community.

8. Developers Spotlight: RioCan & Marlin Spring

Learn about the renowned developers behind Above Condos. RioCan, with over 25 years of experience, and Marlin Spring, a dynamic force in real estate since 2013, ensure a project of high quality and innovation.

9. Premium Pricing & Floor Plans

Get a sneak peek into the premium pricing and floor plans, commencing from the mid $400s. Secure your inaugural access for the best choices.

10. Securing VIP Access – How and Why?

Uncover the steps to secure VIP access and understand why it’s crucial for getting the best deals and choices.

11. A Peek into the Future: Mississauga’s Landscape

Explore how Mississauga’s landscape is evolving, and why Above Condos is positioned to be a pivotal part of this transformation.

12. Why Choose Above Condos?

Highlighting the unique features and advantages of choosing Above Condos for your next residence or investment.

13. Register Today – Don’t Miss Out!

Don’t miss the chance to be a part of this exciting development. Register today for exclusive privileges and offers.

14. RioCan and Marlin Spring: The Powerhouses Behind Above Condos

Delve into the impressive track records of RioCan and Marlin Spring, the driving forces behind Above Condos.

15. Conclusion: Your Urban Oasis Awaits

In conclusion, Above Condos promises a contemporary urban lifestyle in the heart of Mississauga. Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of this thriving community.


  1. Is Above Condos pet-friendly?

Yes, Above Condos is designed to be pet-friendly, ensuring a welcoming environment for all residents.

  1. What is the estimated completion date for Above Condos?

Above Condos is expected to be completed in Spring 2025, offering you a future-ready residence.

  1. Are there any commercial spaces within Above Condos?

Yes, the developers have planned commercial spaces for shops, eateries, and clinics on the ground level.

  1. How can I secure VIP access to Above Condos?

Simply enroll now to secure VIP access, granting you exclusive pricing and floor plans.

  1. What makes Mississauga an attractive location for real estate investment?

Mississauga’s projected population and employment growth make it a prime location for real estate investment, ensuring increasing property values.

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