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If you are contemplating purchasing a property in Tulum, you have come to the right place. Many people cherish Tulum’s bohemian atmosphere and love to own beachfront property there.

You may wonder if that would be a smart investment for your family. Suppose the prices of property in Tulum are increasing. Is it that expensive? Most importantly, you may wonder if such an investment is profitable, whether to purchase a property on the beachside or in the town center. There are probably so many things on your mind regarding real estate in Tulum. No worries; this guide has you covered.

Benefits of Investing in Tulum Real Estate 

Real estate anywhere in the world offers a lot of gains especially in Tulum. Below are some of the reasons you should consider owning a property in Tulum:

Regulated by law

The Mexican Association of Real Estate supervises the area of Tulum. Also, the Real Estate Law protects every activity in Tulum real estate. These laws and institutions control the investment process and ensure every party engaged does business without fear of exploitation or fraud. When you abide by the institutions’ laws and guidelines, you’ll feel safe to invest in a property in Tulum.

Ecological friendliness and healthy living

Tulum is also a trendy, eclectic, and low-key town in Mexico. It provides a blend of cultures, nationalities, and colors. They all coexist together in one concept. The city is located between the tropical jungle and the Caribbean Ocean.

There are also many markets, cafes, and restaurants in Tulum. Many concentrate on healthy living, organic ingredients, and eco-conscious options. You can take a Tulum yoga class on the beach or enjoy the turquoise water when floating in an open jacuzzi – you will simply cherish nature.

The values of the property keep increasing

The values of real estate in Tulum will keep rising, so your investment will also improve in value over time. In general, in Mexico, the value of property has increased by about ten percent annually for the past four years.

According to a report by a Mexican mortgage association, the average price of property grew by eight percent in 2018 and ten percent in 2019. Also, consider that the population of Tulum will be constantly growing. This upgrade will help property values increase. Meanwhile, the value of Bellenty opulent Mexico beach houses has increased overtime.

Community with shared values 

This aspect of the Mexican city is incredible! Tulum has an amazing community. For many years, expats and locals have built large organizations to help foreigners living in Tulum.

Wellness centers, chess clubs, recycling, co-working spaces, and beach clean-ups are just a few of the constant activities that bring people together. In Tulum, there will often be activities that match your interests and needs.

The new transport line 

The infrastructure of Tulum is still in development. However, regional authorities are working hard to develop the city’s tourism potential. Investments have been made in a new train line and airport.

For instance, the Mayan Train has attracted many admiring looks. This will link Cancun to important spots of the Riviera Maya—plus Tulum. This means easier and cheaper access and an increase in the value of local investment.


In recent years, Mexico has experienced steady economic growth. The steady increase in families’ income has caused a steady boost in the real estate industry.

Investing in Tulum real estate is a good idea. It’s especially smart if you seek permanent residence in Mexico. It’s also perfect for vacation rentals.

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