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The Afghan Rug is a deeply hued, hand-knotted rug that evokes the beauty and mystery of the Afghan countryside. Afghan rugs are known as the ‘carpets of the desert’. The more durable, loose weave is made using yarns that tend to shed and fray, but it appeals to anyone who appreciates a handcrafted object with charm. Each rug has been woven by artisans in South Asia, from handspun wool and cotton grown in India and Pakistan’s Khyber Pass.

Our signature Afghani rugs represent the pinnacle of craftsmanship and beauty, crafted from hand-knotted polypropylene. Our rugs are luxuriously soft, durable, and affordable because each rug is made in a small weaver’s workshop in Afghanistan, where there are skilled artisans who produce this pure wool on old-world looms.

The word “Afghan” literally means “from Afghanistan” and is used to describe any type of rug from Afghanistan. Typically, Afghan rugs are colorful, geometric works with a pattern that utilizes an entire row of the rug as one geometric shape.

Why Everything You Know About AFGHANI RUGS Is A Lie?

There is a lot of confusion about AFGHANI RUGS. This is why we have dedicated this guide to help you make the best purchase decision possible! Every piece of carpet that you purchase should be not just a nice addition to your home, but also something enjoyable and comfortable for you. This is where the values that some people believe in AFGHANI RUGS come into play. Let’s take a look at them here. The advanced technology used in the making of AFGHANI RUGS eliminates the traditional background luster, which allows for a non-directional hand tuft; therefore, making every carpet perfect for your home. According to the American Heart Association, medium-pile rugs, such as AFGHANI RUGS offer the best opportunities for prevention and recovery.

Are synthetic Afghani rugs reliable?

 synthetic rugs are the most reliable surfaces. when it comes to synthetic rugs, AFGHANI RUGS offers the highest quality products. From creating a safe and secure play area for children to offering a first-rate area for entertaining guests.

What makes them so valuable?

AFGHANI RUGS are one of the most famous types of Oriental carpets and are often considered synonymous with royalty and aristocracy. But have you ever wondered why they’re so expensive? What makes them so valuable? Afghani rugs are one of the most famous types of Oriental carpets and have been produced since the late 18th century. They were even used as gifts by royalty and aristocracy.

Afghanistan is a paradise for rug and carpet aficionados. In this country, rugs are created to last a lifetime. The value of a rug comes from the material itself. The wool or, more recently, synthetic materials used in the carpet have to be 100{3bb844a93325d33abc4afe4da81a98cb06d1cb0b4c135f3164a27247fcb39dd4} pure and free of any defects Carpets require constant attention to keep them in good condition. They need clean air, light, and even temperature conditions. With the advances made by technology, vacuuming has become a thing of the past.

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