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Children spend more time in their bedrooms than most adults since they require nine to twelve hours of sleep per night. Thus, it’s vital for them to have an ideal bed for their well-being since it helps them achieve a night of peaceful, undisturbed sleep. Since sleep is a biological need for our body, parents must also prioritise investing in it. Whether you’re buying a double or single bed in Singapore for your child, know what you must choose best for them.

If you are shopping for the best bed for your child while they are growing, choosing a small bed may not be the most practical for some. As our child develops and age, they can outgrow their attires and even their bed. So what’s the ‘key’ to finding the right one for your child? Here’s what you should consider:

Think About the Right Mattress

The mattresses in your to-buy list matter when choosing the best bed for your kids. Choosing the wrong ones can cause body aches and can lead to injury (which increases difficulty sleeping). Nevertheless, there are excellent options for mattresses whether you’re deciding to buy a platform, sleigh or pull out bed frame online. Still, a quality mattress is an investment if you want to provide a quality bed and sleep. You can also find some mattresses with solid support for growing bodies to avoid body aches (which can be quite costly).

Have An Extra Allowance For The Space

Choosing a bed for your child also requires knowing the amount of space the bed frame will take in their bedroom. While most children’s bedrooms can be quite smaller, many opt for a single-size bed frame. Still, the wise investment is to go for the ones that can be big enough for them since they will likely outgrow miniature-sized single beds. To avoid this, go for the ones that are bigger to have more allowance and space. At the same time, be conscious about how much it can take up space in the room.

Test Out The Bed

The best way to know if a single bed and mattress will work out for your child is to test it out with your child. You can bring them to the store to see the actual item and ask if your child can lie down to test the bed and mattress. Your child will get a more accurate experience and can tell if the bed will certainly be ideal for them and if it’s comfortable enough. Otherwise, you might risk buying a bed and mattress that won’t be comfortable enough for your child.

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