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We understand how challenging it may be to look for the right gas barbeque. In the previous two decades alone, our experts have reviewed countless grills from dozens of manufacturers, each of which has its own jargon and marketing terms. There’s already a lot to think about, what with the seemingly unlimited number of features and accessories and common misunderstandings like equating BTUs to heat output or assuming all stainless steel is created equal.

When you add it all together, picking out a liquid propane bbq could seem like too much of a hassle. But BBQ will guide you through the many choices available so that you can quickly zero down on the best gas grill for your needs. If you follow our simple advice below, you’ll have a pleasant and stress-free buying experience. Your outside space will be grateful for your labours.

Find out what sort of fuel you are using

Both natural gas and propane may be used to power gas barbeques. The results of burning either fuel are almost same, despite certain differences in their chemical composition. You should be sure that this is the road you want to take before going out and purchasing a barbeque. Some manufacturers of grills may void their warranty if you attempt to convert the grill from one fuel type to another unless you hire a skilled professional. The quality of the food you cook with either fuel is about the same, so your decision should be dependent on availability.

Select the Appropriate Grill Size

Who said that size doesn’t important, anyway? Because the amount of food you can cook on your gas grill is mostly determined by the amount of cooking area, it is of the highest significance. In our collection, we offer grills with anything from one to eight main burners, so you can choose the size of your grill based on the cooking techniques it supports. The more burners you have, the more options you’ll have while cooking in many zones at once. You should think about how many people you usually cook for, how many people you may potentially cook for, and how frequently, in order to determine what size grill would be best for you. The next step is to classify your answers into one of our four sizes: Sizes range from small to extra large. Although you may turn off a burner or two at any moment, your cooking area will remain the same size.

Select Your Field of Study

To help you select the ideal gas grill for your requirements, we’ve separated all of the models we carry into four different categories: luxury, premium, practical, and entry-level. You may rapidly limit down your search for barbeque grills that satisfy all of your needs since their quality, features, and performance are displayed in each class. Before going on to the next step of completing your garden, it is important to narrow your search by choosing the proper gas grill class for your needs.


Remember that the number of people a grill can serve is very relative and will vary greatly from person to person based on what you like to cook and how you want to prepare it, which brings us to our last point about size. When utilising a grill, it’s important to remember this. The experts also provide burger counts for each gas grill, which is useful for visualising how many people can be served at once.

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