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Our fascination with ancient and historical guardians peaks around Halloween, despite the fact that throughout the year we are always fascinated by the inherent protecting capacities of the natural components of our surroundings. Talismans and amulets have been utilised in many ways by people all over the globe from ancient times, from Ancient Egyptians to Native Americans, including wearing, lighting on fire, and surrounding oneself with them. For additional information on how we may protect ourselves in today’s culture, keep reading to find out more.

OPAL For more than just their beauty, opals was worn by ancient monarchs because they thought the stones had magical abilities that protected them from harm. Opals were worn as necklaces and as crowns to protect the wearer’s eyesight and ward off evil. Even crushed and eaten stones were used in certain circumstances for their therapeutic properties or to prevent nightmares (though it seems now that this was not a very healthy idea). Some individuals believe that opals may enhance one’s memory and even help one recall past lives. You can click here for the best choice.


Lapis was an ancient Egyptian gift that was placed on various parts of the deceased’s body to promote a peaceful transition into the afterlife. They thought that pulverising lapis, mixing it with gold, and applying the poultice on the top of the head to draw out the demons as it dried may cure demonic possession before death. They did this because they believed the soul was stored in the brain. They believed that the brain was where the soul resided. Possession may be as severe as drilling a hole in the victim’s skull and then injecting the drug inside (and we would venture to guess that the games came full circle at that point and a safe passage into the afterlife was then required).


One of our preferred protective materials is howlite, a mineral known for its slickness and smoothness. When placed next to the bed, it is thought that a beautiful piece of sculptural howlite would keep out unwanted spirits and phantoms that wander around the house at night. Howlite offers various benefits, and this is only one of them.


As a result of snakes’ tendency to battle rather than escape when confronted, many people believe they provide protection. As a reminder of one’s courage and fortitude in the face of danger and suffering, many ancient sites used snakes as a protective sign at their gates.


You may use cedar-based incense to purify the air around you, get rid of negative energies, and attract positive ones. You may also use it to enlist the help of the supernatural during rituals and invocations.


Throughout history, topaz has been prized for its therapeutic and protective properties by many different cultures, including as a treatment for insanity, a means of promoting peaceful sleep free of nightmares, and a means of shielding the wearer from death-causing poisoning by changing colour when exposed to it.

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