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Though it requires considerable effort, working on the design of your HDB house is considered a thrilling attempt. This is simply because, it provides you with a new, and appealing scenery whenever you have a look at the interior parts of your apartment. However, you need to spend some time doing research in order to find out what suits best to your taste.

Countless ideas and magazines exist about the HDB interior design both online and offline. Thus, as it seems challenging to pick one of them, here we decided to touch upon 4 the most essential and basic hints on designing your HDB apartment. All the time, we are inspired by the space factor’s portfolios which you are also able to check here at https://www.spacefactor.com.sg/design/hdb-interior-design/, and get more about HDB interior design.

1.Consider the coloring of the walls 

Generally speaking, whenever you just think of the decoration and design, one of the first things that come into your mind is considered the type of color you use. Therefore, you have to prioritize coloring as one of the most important parts of the renovation of your house. Since the rest of the interior design highly depends on the type of color you opt for, it is considered vital.

There are several factors that appear to give you a helping hand while you are having difficulties deciding what is your preferred choice. In this case, you have to take into account the types of the room – bedroom, living room, terrace, or just bathroom – and based on their type, you will give each of them a specific color.

Try to painteach room distinctly using relaxation colors. For instance, you might go for those colors, like blue, green, pink, white, yellow, or violet, during construction as they support youin handling stress and depression. In a short, depending on the type of the room and your taste, you can use those types of colors to decorate your interior walls.

From our Portfolio: Globe-Trotting Lifestyle

 2.Consider having a bright light in your room 

Once you deal with the coloring of the house, there is again something essential left to concern. You also need to contemplate how to light brightly your apartment. In this case, you can get the advantage of natural light since the sun is the main source of the light we have. So, how are you going to do this?

Firstly, you are going to rearrange the positions of your furniture that prevent you from absorbing the natural sunlight. You have to change the specific furniture’s place based on the time in a way that lets you enjoy the sunlight during daytime. Try to avoid putting any furniture in front of, or near the window where it blocks the light coming out from the sun.

As for how to structure the artificial lighting bulbs, you need to consider the types and usage of the room in your apartment. Such as, for a regular room, like a kitchen, bedroom, or living room, setting up the number of lamps according to their size can provide you with enough brightness. On the other hand, for an office room, or for a specific room where you usually study or perform light-requiring tasks table or floor lamps can come to your aid.

You can set up such lamps on your study table or the wall so that you will not have difficulties while you are performing your task.

From our Portfolio: Back To Black

3.Consider accommodating your furniture carefully in a dense space

No need to hide that majority of people reside in small apartments where it is not easy to place all of their possession there. In order to create some space for your children to enjoy you have to think of each, even the smallest details of your possessions if you live in a three-room HDB apartment. In this regard, even placing your end table into the right space plays a crucial role while you certainly need to ponder where to put the sofa.

Thus, you are required to place all of your furniture tactically and carefully with help of family members’ advice as the new style should also meet their needs. Using folded furniture is also one of the best means of economizing the space in a compact area. This is because you can collapse the specific furniture if you are not using them now and carry it into your basement unless you will need it again.

By considering the ideas mentioned above, you will be able to maximize space in your small HDB apartment and have some new space on your floor for both your and your children’s enjoyment.

From our Portfolio: Scandi Farm House

4.Consider having plants indoors

It is not far-fetched that justbringing nature into your flat leads you toward the great benefits bothfor your mental and physical health. Just having a single snake plant in your bedroom can make a huge difference in your mental state as it puts you in a better mood whenever you look at it and breathe in thefresh air.

Plants are not only helpful for your health, but also you can use them as a stunning decoration in your house due to their full bloom and greenery. Just in case you are lacking empty space, go for smaller potted ones since they don’t require too much space. In short, numerous benefits exist attributable to indoor gardens, from health benefits to eye-catchy design.

So, now you are aware of the most basic, but essential ideas on how to make your HDB home’s interior design more attractive, and it is time to check them out. To find out more about HDB interior design, you better click here https://www.spacefactor.com.sg/design/hdb-interior-design/, and get inspired!

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