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Kids furniture manufacturers in Singapore and abroad create adaptive furniture for multi-sensory learning. Pieces encourage active involvement with an item while fostering coordination, fine motor abilities, and analytical thinking.

Each piece of adaptive furniture is solid wood or high-density particle wood that can sustain repeated usage. The following are the benefits children receive from using adaptive furniture pieces in classrooms around Singapore.

#1 Active Engagement

Providing kids with these furniture pieces in Singapore classrooms inspire children to engage with their surroundings. Interaction with items helps children develop gross and fine motor abilities while improving hand-eye coordination.

#2 Self-Reliance

Kids benefit from these furniture pieces in Singapore classrooms since their multi-sensory nature encourages children to investigate their surroundings. Children can engage in self-discovery activities by using familiar objects.

#3 Dexterity & Mastery

Multi-sensory furniture pieces and materials develop mastery and hand-eye coordination in children. It also encourages the capacity to evaluate items and comprehend their components so that they can derive meaning from their experiences. Providing kids with these furniture pieces in Singapore learning environments is essential for future learning as they start working with numbers, letters, shapes, etc.

#4 Logical Thinking

Children using these furniture pieces in their Singapore classrooms ​help them build a more systematic knowledge. It enables kids to comprehend how things are constructed and learn about an object by examining numerous elements, such as distinctions between pieces, colours, and textures.

#5 Social Advancement

The learn-through-play nature encourages social development via everyday interactions with things in their surroundings, like cubby holes where they organise their belongings. Cooperative activities, playing, and sharing enhance social relationships.

The primary principle of the adaptive educational concept is that children flourish with hands-on experiences. Children learn best when they use several senses and their bodies and minds to explore the world around them. Since children learn from everything they perceive around them, you want to provide the best possible environment for them to flourish and develop. It is also the reason teachers incorporate interactive play into daily tasks, like placing their shoes in designated spaces in the shoe rack inside their Singapore classroom.

Edupod is a kids playground equipment and adaptive furniture maker in Singapore. They support various organisations, from early childhood development centres to elementary schools. Edupod offers market-leading design, supply, and distribution of exceptional children’s furniture and equipment to its clients. They manufacture educational products, furniture, and STEM kits that blend durability, usability, and interactive play. Understand more about the company, its goods, and its services by visiting its website.

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